Sunday, 5 April 2015

Barista Experience (NEW)

Barista Experience

This 3 hour experience is for those who would like to experience what it is like to be a barista. 

Great for individuals who are keen to get a peek into the coffee industry or just to have some fun learning more about coffee making as a barista. We start off with an hour of theory where you will learn more about coffee history before you roll up your sleeves to learn basic coffee making techniques. Get tips from our experienced baristas and get a chance to practice on our commercial T3 Nouva Simonelli commercial espresso machine. Participants also get to enjoy a sumptuous breakfast & cold press juice after the session!

Key Highlights
  • Learn more about coffee (history, coffee regions, different brewing techniques, difference between stale vs. fresh coffee)
  • Basic coffee making techniques (tamping, dosing, espresso extraction, milk frothing, latte art) 
  • Home brewing technique (French Press) 
  • Home brewing kit (French Press, 250g SO Coffee Beans)
  • Three Big Cups breakfast & a bottle of Cold Press Juice
  • Photos of the experience (digital)
$300 (Single)
$580 (Couple) 

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