Coffee Classes (Dates)

"The coffee appreciation class was simply an eye opener to the world of coffee. I will never look at coffee beans the same way after attending the class. I've learnt that there are different types of coffee and brewing methods. Then highlight of the class was the hands-on session where I got to brew my own coffee. Overall, the class is a good eye opener to those who are interested in the art of coffee" Rey, Class of Nov 15

"Three Cups Coffee Co., we enjoyed the class tremendously from tasting different coffees to understanding the brewing process. We like the cosy setting and Sue's coffee talk!. Look forward to you organising more sessions!" Benjamin & Lynn, Class of Nov 22

Enjoy a relaxing weekday evening or Saturday morning with fellow coffee enthusiast to learn more about history of coffee, its journey from farm to cup and learn a basic home brewing technique (including coffee tasting)

Sign up at to register and make payment

$40/person (Weekday evenings - inclusive of pasta dinner)
$30/person (Saturday mornings)
3 Sep (630-800pm)
5 Sep (11am-1230pm)
10 Sep (630-800pm)
12 Sep (11am-1230pm)
19 Sep (11am-1230pm)
24 Sep (630-800pm)

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